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Safina Shipping Services


After decades of providing its own liners and ships with a full range of shipping services, IACC expanded and began to offer the same high quality services commercially to other multi purpose vessels and businesses through a subsidiary known as Safina Shipping services.


Safina Shipping services is one of 6 subsidiaries formed in 2007 to offer the complete value chain related to the shipping industry.

Safina Shipping Services in Egypt

Thanks to 30 years worth of intense staff and customer oriented experience providing shipping services within IACC, Safina Shipping services is able to provide its business partners with a range of superior, reliable and timely commercial shipping services. Safina Shipping services enjoys a wide customer base from around the world thanks to its exclusive time tested know-how.

Safina Shipping services seeks to optimize the operations of its different client vessels, including container ships, cruise ships, tankers, supply boats and general cargo vessels, through the provision of safe, hassle free and innovative shipping services. Safina Shipping services is dedicated to protecting its client vessels and their cargo while docked in any of the Egyptian ports that it serves.

Thanks to its extensive local expertise and international experience, Safina Shipping services is versatile and fully equipped to cope with major local and international changes. Meeting the ever changing and increasing demands of its international customers with service that fulfills and surpasses their criteria is a challenge that Safina Shipping services embraces.

Safina Shipping services maintains relationships with chains of local and international shipping agencies as well as an expansive network of offices by which it is able to service most Egyptian sea ports and terminals.


Safina shipping services is a distinguished member in each of the following:
The Baltic and International Maritime Council Port Said Chamber of Shipping
Alexandria Chamber of Shipping Port Said Chamber of Commerce
Damietta Chamber of Shipping Suez Chamber of Commerce
Suez Chamber of Shipping Port Said Maritime Committee
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